Do you already have a website for your tournaments and leagues, but you lack regular updates on results from your competitions?

Integrate the calendars and statistics published in Competize in the official website of your tournament or league. Thanks to the Competize widget, you can easily communicate your match schedules, latest results, standings, rankings and much more. No need to code and no hustle creating PDF documents or sending text messages.

Integration of Competize in your tournament´s website

What is a widget?

A widget is a small application that you can install in your blog or on your website, under your own domain. It offers an easy way to display information hosted on a third-party web with automatic and real time updates. Its objective is to enrich the contents and functionalities of your existing website despite having limited resources or time.

An example of a widget would be a Youtube video that you can insert into your website using a single line of code. The content itself is located on Youtube from where you can edit it, but thanks to the widget integration you can also preview it on your website.

Web integrations in our client´s domains

Competize widgets are useful for all kinds of tournament organisers, from those who have custom built website to those with a Wordpress page. Among the users of our widgets belong renowned tournaments, agencies specialized in sports events, federations and sports clubs. These organisers take advantage of the web design they already have and complement it with schedules and live results while keeping their budget to a minimum, without hiring developers and waiting for months.

Pyrenees Cup

Football tournament with more than 100 teams divided into 7 categories.

Integration of Competize in the website of Pyrenees Cup

Iscar Cup

Tournament with 32 top level teams: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and others.

Integration of Competize in the website of Iscar Cup

Memorial Enric Rodà Serra Licu

Grasseroots tournament organised by the football club CEF Bosc de Tosca.

Integration of Competize in the website of CEF Bosc de Tosca

Champions Torneos

Senior leagues of football 5, 7, 8 and 11 in male and female categories.

Integration of Competize in the website of Champions Tournaments

What does a web integration from Competize bring you?

  • Live updates in a single click.

  • Better communication and interaction with participants.

  • Stronger online presence with more website visits.

  • Broader exposure for your sponsors.

  • Greater savings in terms of money and time.