Calendar Scheduling

Remember the never-ending spreadsheets, the scheduling conflicts, the late night bracket building? We make creating competition schedules quick and easy - with the click of a button.

Organise an event

Create Automatic Calendars In 1 Click

Our flexible tools help you quickly generate any type of competition - pool play, bracket play or round robin.

Select the number of game guarantees and generate your calendar in a single click with our automatic schedules.

Save Time With Easy Scheduling

Creating a tournament or league calendar is quick with preselected dates and times. Choose the timing of your matches and we'll use your indications when generating automatic calendar. Alternatively, assign weekdays and hours one by one to your upcoming match or to the next matchday.

Manage Last Minute Changes

Weather delays, field changes and surprise cancellations won't be your nightmares anymore. Face them with Competize simple bulk edit for venues and match statuses.

Make updates from anywhere, anytime. Simplify the communication with your participants thanks to instant notifications.