All-in-one tournament & league manager

Save time before the tournament

✓ Create your public tournament/league profile
✓ Define age groups, seasons and type of competition
✓ Manage teams’ registration, communication and payments
 ✓ With public access for any team
 ✓ Only for invited teams
✓ Manage pitches and referees
✓ Define groups and knockouts
✓ Generate automatically the schedule and draws

Improve communication during the tournament

✓ Update info about matches
 ✓ Line-ups
 ✓ Scoreboards
 ✓ Scorers, cards, MVPs
 ✓ Reports &photos
✓ Tables, rankings and draws are updated automatically
✓ Players and fans receive updates in real-time
✓ Share easily results and updates on Facebook and Twitter
✓ Increase visibility for sponsors

Maximise revenues after the tournament

✓ Showcase automatically generated summary of the tournament/league
✓ Display tables, results, rankings and pictures for all seasons
✓ Attract future participants
✓ Engage players, parents and fans
✓ Increase value proposition for sponsors & partners