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SL Benfica Cuts Organisation Time With Automated Scheduling and Stats

SL Benfica Cuts Organisation Time With Automated Scheduling and Stats

SL Benfica, the Portuguese champion with four consecutive league titles, organises a regular tournament for its affiliated supporters' clubs, Casas do Benfica. A single day packed with matches and tight deadlines results in difficulty to:
Track players' statistics efficiently
View classifications on the go
Evaluate top scorers transparently

João Magalhães

SL Benfica Cuts Organisation Time With Automated Scheduling and Stats.

Raising the Bar with Competize

To cut down administration workload of 13-hour non-stop encounters and assure smooth organisation with no delays, SL Benfica chose Competize web and apps to bring more efficiency and automation to their games.

Reducing & Automating Manual Processes

Even professional clubs such as SL Benfica keep organising their amateur events with a pen and paper. But managing 31 matches in 25 minute slots each can be challenging unless you want to disappoint your participants with time delays between matches or before the closing ceremony.

To cut down the time spent calculating classifications and top scorers, SL Benfica transformed their paper match reports into online match & player profiles, in a couple of clicks from the phone, right at the foot of the pitch.

Time and resources reduced to the minimum. Zero waiting between rounds and closing.

Building Success with Top-Notch Organisation

After importing their teams from an Excel file, SL Benfica generated the schedule of their tournament in a matter of seconds. Match results have been updated with a couple of clicks from a mobile phone between the games and allowed for real-time standings and ranking of best scorers and keepers. A simple solution to the inefficient pen & paper calculations resulting in ultimate satisfaction of both organisers and participants


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